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So --- the Dogs -- There are tons of breeders today providing "bully" breed dogs. So what separates us from the pack?


  • Before we started our kennel, we researched the best blood available.  We've invested in dogs that will produce both a great look and demeanor.  You need both!
  • We've taken our time before allowing our males or females to breed.  We think this will ultimately result in higher quality litters.
  • We make sure our dogs get a ton of daily attention.  We've decided to keep the number of dogs on our yard to a managable few so that each one gets daily exercise and the personal attention all dogs deserve.
  • In addition to a love of dogs and the outdoors, we're also putting to use our Photography skills and offering photography services.  Please check out our Photography section.  The services are focused on getting the best images of your dog.
  • We've recently expanded our dog line to include both Pure Pacific Bulldogs and our own F1/F2 breed (Saint Johns Bully) in the making as a custom mix of American Bully and Pacific Bulldog!


Take your time, look carefully as you choose a dog.  Remember they will be with you for many years.  Thanks for visiting us and we can't wait to work with you on selecting the perfect bully.  Don't forget to visit us our Facebook page.

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