Our commitment to the American Bully has never wavered!  I first fell in love with this breed many years and have continued to focus on breeding compact, balanced, structurally sound functional dogs!  While our breeding focus is on our St Johns line, the American Bully is a strong part of our kennel foundation. (Males are in the left column; females are in the right columns)

RIP Diesel (Bullypedia)




RIP Ace - AKA ACE Boogy Paid In Ful (Bullypedia)

Boss Status Bullies RIP SWADE (Bullypedia)

Boss Status Bazooka (Bullypedia to sire and dame)


Boss Status Uzi (Link to Bullypedia sire and dame)

Vegas (Bullypedia) (Retired)



RIP Diva (Bullypedia)


RIP Lil' Nina (Bullypedia)



Boss Status Bullies Molly (Bullypedia) (RIP)


Boss Status Bullies Silky (Bullypedia) (Retired)


Boss Status Honey (Bullypedia for sire and dame) (Retired)