We are a husband and wife owned/operated kennel. I started breeding American bullies in 2010.  After having a few litters, I spent a good bit of time talking with older/established breeders and reading what they posted on forums.  My conclusion was that the American Bully was hung all the way around --- meaning much of the time breeders misrepresented the genetic make up of their breedings. In our early years of operating our kennel, I ran across the Pacific Bulldog and contacted the maker of the breed to see if he’d let me mix them with my bullies. He initially said no so I continued breeding bullies --- but,  the whole time I had more of a bulldog influenced vision of the breed in my head. In 2017, the maker of the Pacific Bulldog gave me permission to allow me to mix/breed my bully line with Pacific Bulldogs. We named them the Saint Johns after the county my wife and I are from.  First, we introduced Parcellies Elo (a pacific bulldog)  x Boss Status Silky (a pocket bully from our kennel).  That breeding produced dogs like Boss Status Anastasia and Boss Status Mana. Anastasia made great dogs like Boss Status Butter Bean , Boss Status Rocket , Boss Status Raja and Boss Status Gidget. The Saint Johns is "honest on papers" where we have mixed -- we will tell you exactly what was used to produced our line.  Our motto is honesty, integrity and ethics. 




Below is an interview with John White describing his thoughts on breeding, their background and thoughts on the Saint Johns line