I began breeding American Bullies in 2010.   When I first began, I established a handful of principles that I use to guide our breeding:


  •  Focus on breeding healthy, functional, compact and clean American Bullies


  • Insure to the degree possible that all dogs go to good homes and ethical breeders


  • Through the breeding and matching process, introduce “personality” traits to minimize aggressive tendencies


  • Constantly listen/learn about the breed and evaluate the direction of the market for Bullies


  • Most importantly -- be honest with buyers and myself about the pedigree and lineage of any dog off our yard



I’ve come to several conclusions about the Bully game. 



  • Many breeders are not upfront about the lineage of their dogs and have clearly introduced bulldogs or other breeds into their line and hung the papers – this should be no surprise to anyone – just look at your favorite “new school” bully


  • After 3 or 4 generations of breeding, based on my experience, it seems that that terrier traits become more dominant


  • Many people use their energy misleading others about the lineage of their dogs



Beginning in 2017, we decided in order to continue to develop our breed and stay true to our principles, we are going to be up front about our decision to introduce Pacific Bulldogs, Old English Bulldogs and English Bulldogs into our breeding program.  This mix will be the foundation of our Saint Johns F1/F2 lines.  In my opinion, doing this is consistent with continuing to evolve the breed.  I’m guessing many of you will disagree with our decision.  That’s fine.  My choice is to continue to breed the best dogs we can breed and be guided by our breeding principles – including honesty.