******* As of 9/28/2022, all pups from the Butterbean / Ninja litter are headed to their forever homes! *******

 We'll announce our next planned litter soon! If you'd like to on our mailing list for breedings, please contact me.  Photos are below.  Also, we have a few adult dogs available for adoption.

All the available pups from this litter have been placed!  Stay tuned for our next litters!  If you'd like to be part of our mailing list for future breedings, please contact me.

These are Week 7 photos!!!  Good looking pups!!!!  Contact me if you are interested! They will be available after September 6.  We take pride in making sure our pups are headed to good homes.  Check out some of the past placements here.....




Week 6 Photos!! Each week -- better and better!  Contact me for terms and info!

(You can see their growth and progress over the weeks by scrolling down to previous posts)

Week 5 Photos!! Looking good!  Contact me!!!!!!

The Females

The Males

Week 4 Pup photos!  Each week these guys are looking better and better!

Contact me for more info....

Week 3 Photos of our current litter!  Great pedigree and great looking pups!                 Contact me for more info....