Buying a Pup

The decision to bring a dog into your life is a big one. It’s a new addition to your family, a huge undertaking, and a commitment that will last you many, many years. Hopefully happy ones. It’s not a decision that should be made quickly, or without a ton of reflection; weighing the pros and cons to decide if you are ready. The truth is that even though we sell dogs for a living, we don't want you to rush into buying. Sleep on it, think long and hard about it.


So you’ve decided to jump in? Awesome! You’re ready to begin the process of buying a dog. Here is a checklist we’ve assembled to help you on this journey. Follow these steps and hopefully, you’ll come out on the other side scam free with a new puppy.


1. The first step is to find a reputable breeder. Whether it’s bully breeds, golden retrievers, even pugs, there is a huge difference between your average joe and a reputable breeder. So to start: do some research! Check all social media accounts, make sure they’ve been active and aren’t brand new to the game. Check for a website, testimonials, past customers. This is all just to verify they are who they say they are.


2. Next, schedule a phone call or Face-time and get to know the breeder. Ask for some pictures and videos. Don’t feel like you’re putting us at an inconvenience by calling and asking questions, we want to know just as much about you as you want to know about us. The feeling is mutual. The more we get to know each other the more we can build trust. Don’t get intimidated, this is not a job interview. We know you love dogs, why else would you be calling?


3. So what’s the next step after you’ve decided on our puppies? Let’s talk about it. What do we talk about? Which puppies are available, it’s a first come-first served situation. Sometimes the puppy you want has already found its home so if you are ready, reach out quickly. We’ll also talk specifics within the breed like how big they’ll get, breed details if you have the necessary space for a dog. Just be honest and we’ll be honest right back.


4. We've cleared the conversation so let’s talk money. Okay, our dogs are a buffalo nickel. Just kidding. Little-known secret, purebred dogs are not cheap. Know that a real breeder will need a deposit. Prices vary but starting is usually $1,500. What changes the price? A lot of that depends on the puppy, pedigree, overall look, and structure of the dog. Sometimes we have puppies we want to keep for breeding, so that could change things. Let’s be honest, luxury items exist all around the world. For whatever reason, some people buy a dependable car and some people buy a Ferrari. It’s the same thing here. You are getting a dog in the sense that our dogs are just like other dogs. But you are also paying extra for a specific look, breed, personality, and temperament. And if you are looking for a cheaper dog, there is no harm in checking local adoption shelters. Every dog deserves a loving home.


5. We’ve finished talking money! The next step is delivery options. Check out our recent blog post for details on how this all works. Shipping does cost money, anywhere from $350 to $850 depending on distance and means of transportation.


6. The final step is a "Purchase Agreement" between the buyer and the seller. We’ve done a whole separate blog post on purchase agreements. It's an agreement that we will deliver the dog you purchased. It will be up to date on vaccinations, free of genetic defects, and with a current Health Certificate from a licensed Veterinary clinic. It’s also an agreement that you will provide a safe home, and if we discover it’s not a safe environment, we reserve the right to regain the puppy without a refund. This is why having an initial conversation is important.


Ready to transact? Don’t stress about payment because we prefer to do transfers through apps like Cashapp, Venmo, and Payal. The reason is this transfer allows us to maintain our records easier (honestly they do a lot of the bookkeeping for us). It’s also a safe transfer of funds from consumer to buyer and vice versa.